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Loghome Digital Door Lock – LH310S


Loghome LH310S Card Digital Door Lock

Way to Access: Passcode, RFID Card, Mechanical Key


Loghome Digital Door Lock

  • Set up and change the password of 3~19 digits
  • Register RFID card up to 50pcs
  • Auto locking function
  • Internal/External double lockup function
  • Generate the alarm sound of 90dB or higher when forced to open abnormally
  • Can use the 9V emergency power supply
  • Prevention of burglary and mischief (It stops functioning for 1 minute when 5 consecutive password errors)
  • Self-Diagnosis icon on the screen
  • Built-in fire detection sensor
  • Built-in electric shock prevention circuits of high voltage
  • Imaginary Number System

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