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Laminate Kitchen Door With Fluted Glass Panel – LKFD 001

Elevate your kitchen’s appeal by choosing our Laminate Door, complete with a refined Fluted Glass Panel. Achieve a perfect blend of style and functionality.

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We offer commonly used Tempered Glass and Glass products like tempered swing glass door / tempered sliding glass door, double glass swing door, double glass sliding door, with or without Floor Spring,  Frosted tempered glass swing door, Aluminium Frame Swing Fluted Glass Door, clear/ tinted mirrors in bedroom and bathroom, tempered glass for tempered glass shower screen, glass window, glass backing and glass table tops etc, at direct factory price.

Key features:

Space Optimization: Glass doors can make a space feel larger and more open by visually extending the area beyond the kitchen.

Durability and Strength: The wooden frame adds strength and durability to the door, ensuring it can withstand everyday use in a kitchen environment.

Visual Connection: It provides a clear view of the kitchen, allowing for a seamless visual connection between different areas of your home.

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