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Kaiser Plus M1590TKK Smart Digital Lock


Ways to Unlock: Fingerprint, RFID cards, Password, and Mechanical Key are available to open the Gate.

Optional: Remote & WiFi


Kaiser Plus M1590TKK Smart Digital Lock is designed and developed specially for Singapore metal gates.

Fingerprint: 100
Fake Password: 20
Master Password: 1
OTP: 1
RFID Card: 50
Warranty: 2 Years

Ways to Unlock: New generation Fingerprints, RFID cards, Passwords, Mechanical keys, Remote (Optional), and WiFi (Optional) are available to open the Gate.

Normally you need to purchase an additional metal box to install a digital lock on the existing metal door… But In Kaiser+ Gate You don’t need to buy an additional metal box… Because there is only one button for closing… can’t open it. So we don’t need the cover.

There is no need for a security metal box, which can be used to replace the existing gate handle lock or as a Second gate lock.

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