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Kaadas The Legend K30 Digital Lock


Kaadas The Legend K30 Digital Lock (Limited Edition)

Revolutionary in its time, The Legend advances every concept of digital lock design and immediately set itself as the benchmark for digital lock.

Giving a glimpse of the future today, The Legend is the perfect fusion of technology and design. With its crisp lines,Β you’ll get a thrill just by looking at it. The only thing better than taking in this beauty from a distance is actually touching it.

Authentication to Unlock: Fingerprint / Card / Password & Mechanical Key

* Limited Stock Now Available! Check with our sales before making order.

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Features Of Kaadas The Legend K30 Digital Lock (Limited Edition)

  • 7.6 degree curved surface design fits the palm well and brings the thrill of a quick unlocking
  • Integrated parabolic aesthetics design
  • Inside handle with in-builtΒ sensor for easier and faster unlocking
  • Sweden FPC fingerprint sensor provides accurate and swift recognition
  • CPU dynamic encryption card with copy-prevention to provide better security
  • Comes with doorbell without additional installation required
  • Fully automatic lock body and high compatibility with most doors in the market
  • Mechanical latch knob allows quicker escape in an emergency
  • External micro USB port for emergency charging
  • Comes with 2 years on-site warranty

Technical Specification Of Kaadas The Legend K30 Digital Lock (Limited Edition)

β†’ Model: The Legend, Front body: L420 * 72 * 65
β†’ Dimension(mm): Front body: L420 * 72 * 65
β†’ Back body: L420 * 76 * 69
β†’ Used for: HDB/ Condo/ EC/ Landed
β†’ Material: Zinc Alloy
β†’ Voice operation guide language: English, Chinese
β†’ LED display: None
β†’ Applicable Door: Wooden doors
β†’ Applicable Door Thickness: 38 – 120mm
β†’ Colour: Silver/ Copper/ Gold
β†’ Unlocking way: Fingerprint/ Card/ Password/ Key/
β†’ Master Password: 1
β†’ User Password: 5 & 4 OTP (One-Time Password)
β†’ Password length: 6-12 digits
β†’ Type of card: CPU
β†’ Card capacity: 100
β†’ Type of FPG: Semi-conductor
β†’ Identification time: <0.5 sec
β†’ Fingerprints Capacity: 100
β†’ Double Locking mode: Automatic
β†’ Power Supply: DC 6V 4 AA Battery
β†’ Emergency power supply: Micro USB port (5V Power Bank)
β†’ Cross Weight: 5.5kg
β†’ Mechanical cylinder & key: Have
β†’ Lock body: QT7260/ QT7270
β†’ Opening direction: Universal (Left or Right)
β†’ Warranty: 2 Years
β†’ Installation: Free, Price includes installation

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