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Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock


Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock

The brand of KAADAS was born in Germany which is famous for rigorous and precise manufacturing.

From the beginning, KAADAS insisted on researching & developing and manufacturing smart lock products which have excellent quality, convenient and comfortable using experience, simple and stylish appearance.

Therefore, KAADAS invited Germany BMW senior designer (Georg Allmendinger) who has advanced industrial design concepts as the official Chief Design Consultant of KAADAS’s global R&D center.

KAADAS inherited the essence of BMW Automobile which is rigorous, precise, stylish, safe and reliable, and has become one of the representatives of the modern smart lock brands.

By far, the most secured and best quality Digital Door Lock in the market!


Why the Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock Push Pull ?

Why not is our reply. With fingerprint, swipe card, keypad and back up key entry methods as standard the K9 Digital Door Lock Push Pull Smart Lock will never leave you fumbling for keys again. Add to this the stainless steel deadlocks keeping you safe and secure. With a durable universal opening handle that includes a biometric fingerprint scanner this KEYless entry system is perfect for homes and offices that seek quick, easy and secure entry solutions.


  • User-friendly access: Various access methods depending on your lifestyle – Fingerprint/ Passwords/ RF Card / Mechanical Override Key
  • Sensitive Touchpad screen: With a wider touch screen, not only does the design becomes more stylish, the detection rate has greatly improved
  • Just one step to open: Push-pull use, brings you easy and fast intuitive door opening experience
  • Automatic locking: Eliminates the need to re-check for the door lock when you go out. Feel at ease when you go out and keep your home safe
  • Auto polling: RF card is instantly authenticated for access without the need to press the wake-up button
  • Sweden FPC Fingerprint Sensor: Provides accurate and swift recognition with speed of less than 1 second
  • Fake PIN code feature: The lock can be accessed even when random numbers are added before and after the actual user password. This prevents the user password from being exposed, thereby providing more protection
  • Double authentication: This mode strengthens security. Password plus fingerprint /card must be authenticated to open the door
  • Defence mode: When leaving for a holiday trip, users can set up the anti-theft mode by simply pressing [0] button, help to prevent intrusion by creating a warning sound
  • In-home security (double-locking): When you are at home, double-locking prevents unexpected unlocking attempts from outside. You can enable it by using the [CLOSE] button
  • Safe handle: Once the safe handle is enabled, the in-door handle will be locked. In this case, it can remove the danger of children accidentally opening the door to strangers
  • Power bank back-up: When batteries are discharged, put a micro USB power bank to power up the lock for entry
  • Low battery warning signal: A voiced sound and LED light during door access will alert you to replace batteries
Model K9
Material Zinc alloy, AI, ABS, PC
Dimension(mm) L400*80*65mm
Sliding closure None
Voice operation guide language English(default) , Chinese
LED display None
Applicable Door Wooden doors, metal doors
Applicable Door Thickness 40-60mm, 38-60mm, 60-90mm
Color Black/Copper
Type of lock body Automatic Lock body
Unlocking way Fingerprint/Card/Password/Key

Bluetooth (Additional Top up for Module)

Master Password 1
User Password 10, 5 & 4 OTP (One-Time Password)
Password length 6-12 digits
Type of card RFID, Mifare
Card capacity 100
Type of FPG Semi-conductor
Identification time <0.5 sec
Fingerprints Capacity 100
Double Locking mode Automatic
Power Supply DC 6V 4 AA Battery
Emergency power supply Micro USB port, (5V Power Bank)
Battery life 8-12 months (Average)
Mechanical cylinder & key Yes
Working temperature -20℃-55℃
Working humidity 15%-90%RH
Lockbody T-7260(Default mortise)
Anti panic Yes
Opening direction Universal (Left or Right)
Center distance 72mm
Backset 70mm

Cross Weight                                              5.5kg

Warranty                                                     2 Years

Installation                                                  Price includes installation

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Black, Copper


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