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Hafele ER4800 Digital Door Lock


Hafele ER4800 Digital Lock

TC electronic lock for a residential area, operated by Pin code, magnetic card.  Suitable for wooden doors, door thickness: 40 – 50mm  Full set: 2 small magnetic cards 35 x 25 mm

  • The function of disabling the lost card
  • Anti-hack and anti-lock system
  • Intrusion warning function
  • Function secret code for backup
  • Code scrambling function


 Warranty: 2 years
Installation: Yes
 Mode of entry: Smart card, Pin
 Random security coding function
 Mischief and hacking prevention system
 Low battery and intrusion warning function
 One touch button suspension function (lock/unlock button)
 Auto-lock and auto-relock function
 Emergency operation: DC9V battery (not included in product package)
 Battery life: 1 year
 Size: Front – 71.8(W) x 163.6(H) x 18.4(D) mm
Back – 154(W) x 93(H) x 37(D) mm
 Door thickness: 40 – 50mm
 Supplied with: 1 Front and the rear module
1 Striking plate
1 Set of fixing the material
1 User manual
1 Installation template
4 pcs of batteries
4 Cards

Download Hafele ER4800 Digital Lock Catalogue

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