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Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock


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Hafele EL9000 Digital Door Lock

The fingerprint is a measurable biological used for identification of an individual and not able to be scanned or copied. Therefore, fingerprint digital door locks use high-tech fingerprint recognition technology that is the best way to access in and out of the building without worrying misplaced, stolen, or lost keys/password. The HAFELE digital door lock EL9000 is the perfect choice enhanced with outstanding security features.

  • Emergency warning system
  • Panic release handle method
  • The mechanical mortise locking method
  • Motion sound volume control button up to 8 levels
  • One touch etiquette (Silent)
  • Battery residual identification & Replacement time alarm function

Out of stock


 Warranty: 2 years
 Installation: Yes
 Mode of entry: Fingerprint, Smart Card, Pin and Mechanical key
 Intrusion warning function
 Mischief and hacking prevention system
 Auto-lock and Auto-relock function
 Dual locking function
 Safety design against fire
 Low battery warning function
 Emergency operation: DC9V battery (not included in product package)
 Size: Front- 76(W) x 306(H) x 28(D) mm
Back- 71(W) x 298.6(H) x 30.7(D) mm
Mortise- 123(W) x 109.5(H) x 24.5(D) mm
 Door Thickness: 40 – 50 mm
 Installation: Suitable for left and right openings
 Supplied with: 1 Front and a rear module
1 Mortise lock & Striking plate
1 Set of fixing the material
1 User manual
1 Installation template
8 pcs of batteries
2 Cards
3 Mechanical keys

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