Gateman Z10 G-Swipe Digital Door Lock (2019 Latest Hook Model)

$599.00 $448.00

Gateman Z10 Digital Lock is an upgrade on their popular Gateman F10 and WF10 with a new chrome look, improvement on its fingerprint scanner sensitivity, improvement on its bolt design and the new intrusion-prevention features. It also looks better if your door already comes with a handle as it does not make sense to have two handles on one door.It can be installed onto sliding door and normal swing door. It also come with a Master Mode features which prevents unauthorized changes to the digital lock settings.

Since Gateman isthe subsidiary of Yale digital locks, Gateman Z10 is like the Yale YDD 424 digital lock. Only that the current Gateman Z10 is cheaper than Yale YDD 424.


  • Easy Scan Technology
  • One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method
  • Alarm (Break / Damage / Fire)
  • Operation Status Notification
  • Voice Guide Feature
  • Invisible Keypad
  • Low Battery and Emergency Power
  • Automatic Locking


Gateman Z10 G-Swipe Digital Door Lock (2019 Latest Hook Model) – Cheapest in Singapore

Gateman Z10 Digital Lock Hook can be installed onto the sliding door and normal swing door

The back unit is made of metal instead of plastic (Gateman F10)

Best Selling Fingerprint Digital Lock in Korea

* 1 Year Full Warranty


  • 20 Fingerprints
  • 30 User Password
  • 1 One-time Password
  • 1 Master Password
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