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Clavis CR-100K Digital Door Lock


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Clavis CR-100K is The world’s Slimmest Rim Lock with Only PIN Access. It’s Specially Designed For Kids and Students Study Room Lock

Key Features:

  • Automatic locking
  • Internet forced alarm (Privacy Mode)
  • Fake PIN Code (PIN Scramble)
  • High Temperature Alert
  • Burglar (Break-in/Damage) Alarm
  • Wrong-Try Lock-Out
  • Emergency Power Supply (9V)
  • Residential / Commercial Mode
  • Low battery notification
  • One-time manner mode
  • Volume Control
  • Register Up To 38 PIN Codes
  • Commercial Mode for Building Administrators or Offices
  • Simple and Quick Installation

Out of Stock

Out of stock


World’s Slimmest Form Factor: With a thickness of only 13 mm, CR-1000K is the slimmest rim lock on the market to date.

Fingerprint Resistant Keypad: Our patented keypad is fingerprint resistant. No longer worry about PIN Code exposure!

Korean Precision Engineering: 100% made in Korea compliant to rigurous KC certification criteria.

Clavis CR-100K Features:

Automatic Locking: The lock is automatically locked after door closing.
Internal Forced Lock: Inside locking device attached doubles security and improves safety
Fake Pin Code: Press any password before you input the correct password. This function prevents password exposure.
High Temperature Alarm: In case of fire, heat detecting sensor will automatically unlock the door and sound an alarm in case detected temperatures reach 60°C (±10).
Bulgar (Break-in / Damage) Alarm: Built-in sensors will detect any case of attempted forcible entry and trigger a loud alarm sound.
Wrong-Try Out Lock: All the functions are stopped for duration of 1-2 minutes if an unregistered P/W is entered 3 times or more.
Emergency Power Supply: This product is designed to use an emergency external power source (9V) in case of dead batteries.
Low Battery Warning Sound: A sound will ring when the door is open/closed indicating the need to replace batteries.
On Time Silent Mode: Advance mode can be for professional and high secure management system.
Volume Control: The user can control the volume.

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