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Samsung Digital Lock Singapore

Samsung digital door lock is one of the most popular brands in Singapore. It is widely used in most homes ranging from HDB , Condo, Apartment and Landed Housing.

It comes with high safety features packed with components such as finger print reader, card access and mobile application. It’s design is beautiful crafted with a touch of modern and elegant design with its price, at an affordable entry range making it One Of the Best Sellers in Singapore

With a wide selection of digital door lock from Samsung digital lock to choose from, you can easily match your preferred lock design for both your home and office.

At HDDoor, we carry a wide variety ranging from rim type, deadbolt and mortise option to choose from that best fit your budget

Samsung Digital Lock Features:

Keyless Access Get Notified Enhance Touch Pad
Make a quick and safe entry without the use of keys. Gone are the days of “I forget to bring my keys” Get notified of entry access. You get a push message each time your family gets home. Very useful for family with young children Enhance Touch Pad Display with Sleek Futuristic Design making it easy to key your access
In / Out Log Auto Locking Silent Entry
An event log to keep track of who and when leaves and arrive home With an auto locking function, you can be assured that your home and loved ones are always safe. Make your entry silent when you return during the wee hours to avoid disturbing the rest of the family
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