Line8 Power Rails

Line8 is a power rail where we can safely add, remove or reposition power sockets wherever you want whenever you want. In any environment, Line8 can be seamlessly installed on walls or recessed into carpentry and desks in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional fixed sockets. With a range of finishing options available and fully customizable; be it length or function. Line8 will not only blend in but accentuate the overall design. Creating this design centerpiece which value add your interior design, your product, your home.

Line8 Power Rails Singapore

Built into every track will be our patented asymmetrical core safety system.

  • Every Line8 Power Rail is elegantly crafted out of aerospace grade aluminum, hard anodized to protect the finishing.
  • The rail aperture is made to industrial finger proof specifications. Preventing even a child’s finger from accessing the electrical components.
  • Flanking the aperture are two shiny aluminum rails running seamlessly throughout the length of the track which acts as the grounding shield.
  • The engagement to close the circuit is like a lock and key. Needs to match up in terms of height, length, and depth before any circuit can be closed.
  • Long lasting with not rubber components which wear out over time
  • By using an industrial mechanical gripping system to secure the conductors we are able to prolong the lifespan of each adaptor and rail.
Model R Power Rail


Made from aerospace grade aluminum, black hard anodized to protect the finishing. Incorporating the best of high-tech materials. With the finest diamond finished surfaces. Not just for looks but also safety and durability.

Accentuate your design further. Designed from the ground up with 3M™ DI-NOC® Wrap Film. You can create a power track that reflects your taste and design.

Line8 Power Track System Unique Features
  • Power Rail Form Factor
  • Add, Remove and Reposition power outlets
  • Versatile design for newly-built, renovated, refurbished homes, offices, hospitals, laboratories and more.
  • Patented Triple Safety System
  • Finger Proof Design
  • Mechanically concealed aperture for conductor
  • Lock & Key electrical engagement (height, length, and depth-specific)
  • Elongated uninterrupted grounding shield
  • Premium Materials & Finishing
  • Aerospace grade hairline hard-anodized black aluminum
  • Fire-resistant, electrically impermeable reinforced PBT resin
  • Diamond finished surfaces and edges
  • 3M™ DI-NOC® Vinyl
  • Modular End-terminal enables incorporation of various Smart Home & Office control and monitoring systems.
  • Power Rails can be modified on-site without specialized equipment within minutes.
  • Reusable, reconfigurable and re-deployable design
  • Integrated Adaptor safety
  • Adaptors need to be fully engaged before on/off switch can be operated
  • When the switch is on, adaptors cannot be disengaged
  • Integrated Adaptor Locking
  • Allows facility managers to lock power tracks to prevent the removable and additional of power outlets.
  • Locked outlets are still mobile and can be switched on/off
  • Versatile Design
  • Wall/Surface Mount
  • Recess Mount
Line8 Power Track System Design Prototype

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