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Philips 9300 Digital Door Lock – The Ultimate Door Opening Solution

Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 is driven by the perception of “Human-centric innovation”. It aims to evolve and minimize the use of traditional door locks through advanced technologies and offer the end-user a hassle-free, convenient and reassuring home entry experience that meets their needs in all aspects. You can enjoy the extreme convenience brought by the intuitive fingerprint verification, full auto switch, infrared sensor, etc. With top-grade security and extreme comfort, Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 makes your life simple and easy. Do check out this product in our showroom and make your purchase now.

Design features of Philips Digital Door Lock 9300:

● Design and appearance – Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 is a push-pull lock with a modern and sleek luxurious design aesthetically pleasing to your eye. The most advanced door opening technology with premium features allows you a user-friendly experience. Fixing this lock to the entrance offers a royal and classic look. The Push-Pull handles of this lock for exceptional door unlocking allow you to quickly and easily push or pull the door with low noise. It is highly durable delivering excellent quality with a zinc alloy and tempered glass panel. Further, it is available in three different color schemes with rich texture.

● Enjoy the reassurance with the automatic mortise – Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 push-pull smart door lock employs full automatic mortise. Without any extra effort, the deadbolt will spontaneously pop up after closing the door. The mortise will remind you of the door lock status if the door is not locked properly.

What are the access options of the Philips Digital Door Lock 9300?

● Bluetooth grants you easy access – Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 is enabled with a Bluetooth feature. Once you connect the Bluetooth and transmit a signal or code from your smartphone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. You are free to share this code with your friends and family. This feature ensures you great reliability, security, and comfort.

● Access via smart card or key tag – A smart card or key tag allows you to access the door by holding it near the lock. The signal is transmitted to the card reader present inside the lock. Once it is recognized the door is unlocked.

● Your fingerprint acts as a key – The fingerprint recognition feature allows you to easily open the door with a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. Precise or accurate and quick access can be experienced with the optical fingerprint authentication. There is no need to memorize a password when you have fingerprint access.

● Access using password – Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 allows you to enter the PIN from 6-12digits. You can easily enter inside by entering your password without any stress of finding your key.

Other amazing features of Philips Digital Door Lock 9300:

● Highly reliable with smart home security – The lock cylinder here is the key component that controls the opening of the lock. The C-grade lock cylinder involved multiple anti-theft technologies with a unique design of pin tumbler and vane structure. This offers high deterrence against technical lock-picking.

● Care for the safety of children and pets – When you double click the button within one second could unlock the door, which prevents accidentally unlocking by children and pets effectively. If you click once on the button it could lock the door. Long pressing of the button could enable the inside deadlock. You can use the master PIN code or mechanical key to disable inside deadlocking. Likewise, pressing the [Open]and [Close] buttons could enable or disable the inductive unlocking function.

● Great security assured by IoT – You can check the unlocking records and distribute a one-time PIN code at any time via the gateway. The smart door viewer will record photos or videos, and when it is connected with the door lock you can upload them to the App under the abnormal alert.

● Password security in real-time – Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 allows you to enter any random number combinations with this feature to successfully get identified as there is consecutive input of the correct password. Features with hidden PIN code technology effectively prevent peeping and disclosing your real password.

● Unlocking once detects the hand – With the features like a touch sensor and infrared sensor, when touching the touch sensor and the infrared sensor detects an obstruction, the door will be unlocked.

● Quick alert upon inside unlocking – Before leaving home, you can enable the outside forced locking by touching wherein while you are opening from the inside will trigger an alert. This feature alerts you of security risks and upgrades the level of home security.

● Remote access brings convenience – With the wireless network, you can remotely manage the access of door locks, monitor the status of door locks in real-time, view the access logs at any time, and achieve personalized management of smart door locks.

● Low battery alarm – The Philips Digital Door Lock 9300 reminds you if the batteries are running low through a specific melody or keypad LED. This reminds you to replace the batteries.

● Voice guide – It also enables the voice guide to give you the best guidance and instructions in the form of spoken feedback for the setup and ongoing use.

Conclusion: Apart from these, there are many more awesome and interesting features available for Philips Digital Door Lock 9300. Most of our customers are highly satisfied with their purchase and installation of this lock. Do visit our showroom to checkout this product and avail of the outstanding benefits.

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