Nexen Electric Bar Singapore

Nexen Electric Bar System gives you the unparalleled convenience in where you want your power outlets. With Nexen Electric Bar, you can “connect anywhere, anytime”.

Nexen electric bar installed on kitchen
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Nexen Electricbar Get Connected Stay In Style
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We Bring Power Closer To You

Connect your favorite appliances and gadgets anywhere on the Nexen Electric Bar.

Get Connected, Stay In Style

Never run out of sockets again. Now you can focus on your biggest creation, whether it’s work, or a heart-warming meal for the family.

Connect Anywhere, Anytime

Nexen Innovative Electric Bar System, Designed To Suit The Modern Lifestyle. Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime.

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Safety Is Our Top Priority

All Conducive items plugged into the Nexen Electric Bar are electrically grounded and safe to use

Rotate to Power Up, Slide to Reposition

Plug in your favourite Nexen Adaptor anywhere along the bar and rotate to turn on. To reposition, turn off the adaptor and slide it to a new location. It is that simple

Soft Yet Bright. Providing A Comfortable Glow In The Dark

We understand sleeping is important to rest our body. Our adaptor is designed with a diffuse lighting, so that your sleep is not interrupted by the glares of light.

nexen electric bar socket

Get Connected, As Many As You Need.

Supports up to 8000W. Connect as many devices and appliances as you need to fit your modern lifestyle.

Nexen is incredible in helping you stay organized and flexible. Put the Nexen Electric Bar in the food preparation areas of your kitchen and you have a fast, convenient and powerful way to plug in any kitchen appliance that you need anytime, no matter the size.

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