Door Accessing Method: RFID Card Access, Number Pin Code

Loghome LH300S Digital Door Lock

Loghome LH-300 Digital Lock is currently the most trending digital lock with a full locking system with multiple functions that allow access via card and pin code.  With the RFID Access, the user can use a single card to unlock both door and gate.

  1. Open/Close button: manual opening/closing in case of fire or other emergencies
  2. Automatic/Manual Locking: can choose between automatic or manual locking of bolt once door is closed. For automatic locking, time to lock can be changed from 2 to 9 seconds
  3. External Dual Locking Function: door does not open in spite of pressing open/close button from the indoor
  4. Inside Dual Locking Function: door does not open even though a valid password from outside is entered
  5. Emergency Power Supply: when a unit has zero battery, can use 9V Square battery to jumpstart unit and enter using registered pin code/RFID
  6. Master Number Function: registered pin/RFID in this mode cannot be altered without knowing the master number, usually used for dormitories
  7. Reset Function: bypass to the 1 minute shutdown of system after 5 incorrect attempts
  8. Locking Error Alert: generates an error tone when door is not properly closed
  9. Sound Volume: adjust the sound volume of tones
  10. Fake Number Function: hide your true pin code by pressing random numbers before your real Pincode
  11. Multiple attempt shutdown: after failure to input valid password in the 5th attempt, the operation will not be available for 1 minute
  12. Intrusion and Prank Prevention Function: generates an emergency alarm for 1 minute when there is an attempt to open a door by force
  13. Fire Detection: when an indoor sensor of doorlock detects fire, it automatically opens the door for safety