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Explore the Kitchen Appliances in Singapore

Explore dependable kitchen appliances – ovens, granite sinks, kitchen faucets, dishwashers, kitchen hoods, and more – at our store. Hafele introduces a collection designed to enhance both functionality and style in your kitchen. Upgrade today!

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Essential home appliances in Singapore

When you’re cooking up something special in the kitchen, you don’t want to cut corners. That’s why you need appliances that give you the perfect quality and performance every time. And Joss Whedon approved! Our Burner Gas Hob will heat up even the most stubborn dishes with effortless control. You’ll never be at a loss for space with our Induction Hob – it’s got enough zones to make any meal a feast. And extra safety features like overheating protection.

Keep your dishwashing duties to a minimum with one of our cutting-edge Dishwashers. With as much respect for water conservation as for dirt, these machines will have your dishes sparkling in no time – at the push of a button. From Slim Hoods to Integrated Hoods, Granite Sinks to Kitchen Faucets – you’ll find everything you need in our world-class range. So come join the Joss Whedon fan club today and give your kitchen the gear it deserves!

Granite Sink

In the kitchen, style and function must coexist in perfect harmony. That’s why we’ve partnered with Hafele appliances to bring you granite sinks and faucets that combine beauty and power. Our single bowl granite sink gives your kitchen an elegant look and easy maintenance, while the double-bowl granite sink provides ample space and a timeless design. Choose your favorite granite sink for your new home or existing one.

Kitchen Faucet

For faucets, the range of options presented is truly something to behold. Whether you choose a gracefully arching modern spout or an angular brushed piece, you’re sure to find one that will fit perfectly in your culinary sanctuary. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection – bring harmony to your kitchen with Hafele. Don’t go elsewhere in search of a Kitchen faucet, so reach out to us and we’ll tell you to want more special about these products!

Dishwasher Singapore

We also have a range of dishwashers and combination washers with eco-friendly options – so you can feel good about doing the dishes. Whether you’re trying to save space or make a statement, you’ll find what you need here at Hafele’s dishwashers that we offer

Washer & Dryers singapore

HÄFELE Combi Washer & Dryer is a high-quality and efficient laundry appliance that combines the functions of a washing machine and dryer in one convenient unit. With a washing capacity of 8kg and a drying capacity of 6kg, this machine is perfect for households of all sizes.

Gas Hob singapore

Keep your kitchen in tip-top shape with Burner’s selection of high-quality hobs! Our Gas Hobs provide precision and control whenever you heat up. Easy-to-clean burners and various options make it the perfect choice for any home chef.

Kitchen Hood

You need appliances that won’t back down for a kitchen that shows no signs of compromise. Take our 90cm Slim Hood, for example; its compact design is perfect for smaller spaces without sacrificing an inch of power. Or choose the 90cm Semi Integrated Hood for a seamless look. For those who take their kitchen design seriously, we offer the Tshape Hood and Designer Hood – both of them provide more than one way to make a style statement.


Looking for high-quality ovens that combine functionality and style? Look no further than Hafele Ovens! Our range of built-in ovens is designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households. With various sizes, capacities, and features such as self-cleaning, multi-functions, and cooking programs, our ovens offer convenience, efficiency, and versatility. Plus, their sleek designs will elevate any kitchen’s aesthetics. Trust in the durability and innovation of Hafele Ovens to enhance your cooking experience. Explore our collection today and find the perfect oven for your kitchen!

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