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Kaadas The Legend K30 Smart Digital Lock Review

Kaadas The Legend K30 3D Face Recognition Digital Lock

Kaadas is termed as the legend with a unique design. The overall look of the digital lock is luxurious and classic with a fusion of technology and design. It involves a handle inside with an in-built sensor for quick unlocking. Besides this, Sweden’s FPC fingerprint sensor grants accurate and swift recognition. Below are some of the customer reviews of the Kaadas The Legend digital door lock purchased from us.

Customer Reviews:

● “Kaadas The Legend digital door lock is an excellent product with superb quality. The customer support is awesome, I contacted Wendy for a couple of clarifications before buying the product and she answered promptly. The lock works great too. The finger print scanning is very quick. Excellent service offered by HD Door. Highly recommended!”

● “I would say kudos to the fabulous service provided with the product, I got an immediate reply for every inquiry I made and Jess was very polite and helpful. The Kaadas The Legend digital door lock is just an awesome, beautiful lock with so many options to operate. Thanks for this product, it just seems a bit expensive but absolutely worth every penny. Definitely Recommended.”

● “The Kaadas The Legend digital door lock itself is outstanding, everything mentioned is as promised and works well. The sales people carried out installation in a clean and professional manner. The product quality is very good and highly recommended.”

● “Quite sturdy, heavy duty and intelligent lock system. The lock works flawlessly and easy to install with the given accessories and cutouts. The team is kind and responds with the perfect solution immediately. One of the best digital locks in Singapore. Must try!”

● “Great product. I loved it. The quality and design of the Kaadas The Legend digital door lock is amazing with excellent features. The lock functions smoothly. Incredible customer service offered by the team. Highly satisfied with the product.”

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