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Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock – Best Entry Point For Your Home

Kaadas K9 digital door lock are known to offer great access and convenience for every home in Singapore. Kaadas has inherited the taste of the BMW automobile as being precise, stylish, safe, and reliable. The lock here is specially designed to work with the features like Bluetooth, card access, fingerprint access, etc. to impart excellent safety, comfort, and convenience.

Kaadas K9 digital door lock possesses supreme quality and is one of the most secure digital lock in the market. It controls multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device. It comprises a durable universal opening handle that includes a biometric fingerprint scanner and the capacity to hold 100different fingerprints. It is perfect for the one who seeks quick, easy and secure entry solutions for a home or office in Singapore. Do visit our HD door showroom to check out this amazing product and make your purchase.

It’s brand new design captivates your eye!
Kaadas K9 digital door lock displays a decent, brand new, and aesthetic design with a modern sleek, and elegant look. It easily captivates you and your visitor’s eye making the entrance look more grand. It further upgraded your security with a capacitive fingerprint and other features.

Access features of Kaadas K9 digital door lock:

● Your Fingerprint allows you easy access – Into the push-pull handle of the lock, the fingerprint sensor is introduced. The fingerprint sensor will detect your finger and the door will be unlocked once you hold the handle. The single-step unlocking feature here will open the door in an easy, quick, and convenient way.

● Offers you with the Bluetooth access – Kaadas K9 digital door lock are enabled with Bluetooth wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once you transmit the signal or code from your phone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. This particular feature ensures extra security and reliability.

● Key card access – Key card access is known to provide you more security, confidentiality, and comfort. It further allows you easy access and is user-friendly.

● Password access – This digital door lock enables you to set and enter different numbers of digits and varies from 6-12 digits. With the easy access options, there is no worry about finding your keys and you can quickly enter your home.

Other awesome features of Kaadas K9 digital door lock:

● Fake pin code feature – Kaadas digital door locks are enabled with the feature of fake pin code function that allows you to enter some random number combinations before or after the real user password to get identified as long as there is consecutive input of the real password. This feature greatly prevents peeping and prevents the real user PIN code from being exposed offering great protection.

● Sensitive touchpad screen – Kaadas K9 digital door lock offers a wider touchpad screen that greatly improves the detection rate.

● Auto polling – RFID card is instantly authenticated for access without pressing the wake-up button.

● Automatic locking – This feature relieves you from rechecking the door lock when you go out. This allows you to remain relaxed and keep your home safe offering you extra convenience and reassurance.

● Sweden FPC fingerprint sensor – Delivers accurate and swift recognition with a speed of less than 1 second.

● Double authentication – This feature strengthens your security by allowing you to authenticate via fingerprint, card, or any other access methods simultaneously.

● Defense mode – If you are leaving for a trip or vacation, you can set up the anti-theft mode by simply pressing the [0] button. This helps to prevent intrusion with a warning sound.

● In-home security or double locking – If you are at home, this feature prevents unexpected unlocking attempts from outside. This can be enabled by pressing the [CLOSE] button.

● Safe handle – Once you enable this feature on Kaadas K9 digital door lock the in-door handle will be locked. This relieves you from the stress if your children are accidentally opening doors to strangers.

● Power bank back-up – In case if the batteries discharge, you can insert the micro USB power bank to power up the lock for entry.

● Low battery warning signal – The warning signal with an alarm and LED light during door access will remind you to replace the batteries.

Kaadas K9 digital door locks are known to offer you the above features and benefits. If you are interested in purchasing this lock to enhance your security do consider visiting our showroom. It will anyhow offer you the best safety, comfort, and convenience.

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