K8 Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock Access Methos: Fingerprint, Keypad, Bluetooth, Swipe Card, Key

Kaadas K8 Digital Door Lock

Innovation meets great design With some of the best specs in the industry, the K8 KEYless Fingerprint Door Lock is a leader in protection.
Providing incredible protection and a stylish look, the K8 Digital Door Lock is the perfect accessory for every home. Invest in technology that will last and don’t waste time with door locks that simply can’t keep up. The K8 Digital Door Lock should be your choice if you want to protect your family for an affordable price and look stylish while doing it. Engineered by the Chief Engineer of BMW, George Allmendinger, the door offered by Keyless Entry Systems is unlike any other.

Made to last and keep your house secure, it is the perfect addition to an existing security system or utilised by itself, thanks to the cutting-edge technology housed in this unit.

  1. Fake pin code
  2. Swedish FPC fingerprint sensor
  3. Backup key
  4. Low-power alarm
  5. Double backup power – micro USB, power bank & 9v battery (on the handle)
  6. Anti-theft stainless steel mortise
  7. Passage mode (auto/manual locking)
  8. Silent mode
  9. Child lock
  10. IoT ready (ZWave)
  11. ZWave is compatible with many products that support ZWave including – Samsung SmartThingsHubGoogle HomeAlexia and many more!