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Install A Digital Lock On Your Old Existing Door? Trends You Absolutely Must Try in 2023

Do you have any plans to replace or add on new generation digital locks to your old existing door?

Most of the digital door locks require inexpensive AA batteries to operate. But some are designed to replace more traditional door handles and some locking systems require different batteries. If you are looking to install it yourself, you might face the problem of finding whether the lock will work the way you want and if it fits securely and accurately on your door. Hence, it is advisable to get a professional to install the digital lock perfectly to your door, but, if you still want to try and install it yourself, you can follow the following steps.

● Remove your existing deadbolt

First, remove and handle the existing deadbolt if you plan to replace both. The new digital lock should match the existing slot size. Check if the “rear” (distance measured from the edge of the door to the center of the deadbolt hole) is aligned before installing the new locking device into the hole.

● Install the digital lock on your front door from outside

Install and hold the lock at the front door from outside using the mounting plate that normally comes with it. Connect the wires to the battery and slide them out of the way before attaching the inner cover plate. (Different manufacturers may have different installation procedures, so understand the procedure before trying it yourself).

● Check if that works

Opening the door check if the deadbolt extends and retracts smoothly. If it is not smooth, loosen the lock and make sure that the parts are installed correctly. To unlock the bolt, insert the code and turn the latch. It might be wanting to try to install the digital lock yourself to save a little money but a professional locksmith will quickly install it more efficiently even if some modifications are required. Also, you will be satisfied with the service the lock you purchased is installed correctly to give your home maximum protection.

Where to find the best digital lock?

HDDoor is the one-stop solution for easy access and security control. We own top-branded digital locks including home security and home entrance needs. In order to suggest the right digital lock for you, it is necessary to know the panel size of the existing door. Its distance should be approximately between 12 – 16 cm.

Best Digital Lock Brands to Choose From: Samsung | Hafele | Philips | Loghome | Kaadas | Schlage | Kaiser+ | Clavis | Schlage | Igloohome | Klever

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