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Hafele PP9000 Smart Digital Door Lock – A Must for Every Home

Hafele PP9000 digital door lock can be considered as one of the best entry points into home automation. They greatly contribute to adding function and style to the main door at the entrance improving its overall look. This lock is specially designed to work with the features like Bluetooth, voice guide, fingerprint access, etc. to impart you excellent safety, comfort, and convenience.

Hafele introduces this digital door lock as a new perspective to home security with its integrated range of digital home security solutions as per your lifestyle and convenience. This allows you to control multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device. In order to provide ‘smarter security’ and specified access’ to your home, you can also combine two access modes. Consider visiting our showroom to check out this amazing product and make your purchase.

Its stylish design creates the first impression: Hafele PP9000 digital door lock displays an aesthetic design with a modern sleek and elegant look. This even improves the overall look of the entrance making it more grand. It further offers enhanced security with capacitive fingerprint and other features.

Access features of Hafele PP9000 digital door lock:

● Freely unlock your door with fingerprint access – The fingerprint sensor is introduced into the push-pull handle. The moment you hold the handle, the fingerprint sensor will detect your finger and the door will be unlocked. You can simply touch the sensor intuitively, then push it to open after a successful fingerprint verification. This single-step unlocking feature will open the door in a quick and convenient way.

● Bluetooth access – Hafele PP9000 digital door locks are enabled with Bluetooth wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once the signal or code from your phone is transmitted, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. This feature ensures extra security and reliability.

● Key card access – Key card access offers more security and confidentiality and comfort. This feature allows you easy access and is user friendly.

● Unlock your door using a PIN code – The digital door lock here allows you to set and enter different numbers of digits. It varies from 6-12 digits. Here there is no worry of finding your keys and you can easily access your door by entering the PIN code.

Other awesome features of Hafele PP9000 digital door lock:

● Random security coding function – Hafele digital door locks are enabled with the feature of random security coding function that allows you to enter some random number combinations before or after the real user PIN code to get identified as much as there is consecutive input of the real password. This feature greatly prevents peeping and prevents the real user PIN code from being exposed.

● Voice guide – The voice guide feature of Hafele PP9000 digital door locks delivers you the best guidance and instructions in the form of spoken feedback for the setup and ongoing use.

● Privacy function – When the privacy function is activated you cannot open the door from outside with a user PIN code, key card, or fingerprint except with a master PIN code.

● Auto-lock and auto relock function – In the case of auto-locking mode, when the door is closed, the door lock will lock automatically offering you extra convenience and reassurance.

● Defense mode – If someone is trying to exit from inside, the lock will sound an alarm. If you are staying in a location where it is more prone to robbery and crime, the thief will immediately recognize the lock and escape from your place. The Hafele PP9000 digital door lock installed at your entrance will force the thieves to move away from that place. Even if they are not aware of this lock, the alarm sound will scare them off and force them to move.

● Burglary alarm function – When the door is opened with maximum force, the lock creates an alarm. The door lock here alerts and reminds you that someone trying to push the door forcibly can be a burglar so that you can take necessary action against them.

● Prevent mischief and hacking function – When you enter the wrong user PIN code, key card, and fingerprint for 5 times within 5 minutes, the lock is suspended for 2 minutes. After that, the lock will activate again. While the lock is suspended, the system will sound an alarm when you are trying to use the keypad to prevent mischief and hacking.

● Alarm for battery replacement time – When the battery of the lock is running too low it will create a warning to replace all batteries immediately.

Conclusion: Hafele PP9000 digital door locks are known to provide you with the above features and benefits. If you are looking to buy this lock to enhance your security do consider purchasing it. This lock will anyhow offer you with best safety, comfort, and convenience.

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