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Hafele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock – Great Security at Your Fingertips

Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock can be considered as one of the best entry points into home automation. They greatly contribute to adding function and style to the gate at the entrance. This lock is particularly designed to grant you quick access with the features like Bluetooth, voice guide, fingerprint access, etc. to impart you excellent safety, comfort, and convenience. If you are interested in this digital gate lock, do make a point to visit our HD door showroom and make your purchase.

Its user-friendly design makes you convenient: Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock exhibits a simple and meaningful design that is quite user-friendly and allows easy access at your fingertips. It further upgrades security with capacitive fingerprint and other amazing features.

Access features of Hafele GL5600 Digital Gate Lock:

● Fingerprint access – The fingerprint sensor will detect your finger and the gate will be unlocked. This single-step unlocking feature will open the gate in a quick and convenient way.

● Bluetooth access – Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock is enabled with Bluetooth wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once you send the signal or code from your phone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your gate. This feature ensures extra security, reliability, and convenience.

● RFID card access – RFID card easily allow you to access the gate by holding it near the lock. Once the signal is transmitted to the card reader present inside the lock the signal is recognized and the gate is unlocked.

● Remote control access – You can also unlock your gate remotely with Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock. This feature is widely used to allow you incredible convenience and security.

● Password access – This digital gate lock here allows you to set and enter different numbers of digits. There is no stress of finding your keys and you can easily access your gate by entering the password.

Other features of Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock:

● Manage access with the help of the master password and user password.

● Dual authentication feature to enhance the security by combining 2 of 3 login methods (fingerprint / code / magnetic card).

● The integrated privacy mode of the lock can be activated from the inside.

● Integrating the absence mode to grant top-grade security to your home.

● Change the mode flexibly between automatic and manual lock mode.

● Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock will be deactivated for 5 minutes if you enter the wrong code / card 10 times in a row.

● Voice installation guide (English / Chinese) is enabled to guide you while installation.

● Integrated resistance to electric shock – offers resistance to electric shock.

● Integrated low battery warning sound – reminds you when the battery is about to get discharged.

● You can turn on the silent mode when needed.

Conclusion: So, with the help of the above features of the Hafele GL5600 digital gate lock, you can easily keep your property and belongings safe. Offers you the gate access conveniently without much effort. Do check out this product to avail of the above benefits.

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