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Grand Year End Sale 2023 Singapore: Unbeatable Offers Inside!

Are you ready to score amazing deals and savings? Get ready, because the Grand Year End Sale 2023 is just around the corner, and it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before! Singapore’s retail scene is gearing up to offer unbeatable offers, jaw-dropping discounts, and exciting promotions that will leave you awe!

But what makes this year’s sale so special? The answer lies in the unbeatable offers that await you.

What is the Grand Year End Sale?

The Grand Year End sale is all about huge discounts and sales. Don’t miss the chance when retailers and online stores announce exciting deals and promotions on various products. It’s a great season to find unbeatable deals on everything, especially Fashion, electronics, and home decor.

Save Big in this Season- Year End Sale 2023 

The Great Year-End Sale 2023 is the perfect opportunity to snag incredible deals and maximize your savings. This highly expected shopping event in Singapore offers unbeatable offers. Do not miss out on HDDoor’s exclusive promotions, and exciting offers on doors, gates, and digital locks. We’ve put together some amazing deals on how to maximize your savings during the  Year-End Sale 2023 in Singapore

What are some popular items to buy during the Grand Year End Sale?

HDDoor specializes in doors, gates, and digital locks. HDDoor is offering exceptional discounts as the new year rings in. Get some Singapore year-end sale exciting free gifts on every bundle you buy. We have included the list of free gifts and its benefits below.

Bundle 1: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Kaiser Digital Locks

This bundle contains a Laminate main door, mild steel gate, and two Kaiser digital locks cost in the range of SGD $1,780 to $3,599.


Bundle 2: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Kaiser Digital Locks

You will get a Laminate main door, a mild steel gate and two Kaiser digital locks in the price range of SGD $1,980 to $3,599.


Bundle 3: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + Kaiser& Hafele Digital Locks

Check out this exciting bundle has two top brand digital locks. The price range starts from $2080- $ 3,599.


Bundle 4: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Philips Digital Locks

This bundle costs around SGD $2599 to $3,599.


Bundle 5: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Hafele & Philips Digital Locks

How can you miss this bundle? This bundle come up with laminate main door, mild steel gate and digital locks at the price range of SGD $ 2,699-$3,599.


Bundle 6: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Solity Digital Locks

The price range of this bundle starts from SGD $2,699 to $3,599. Check out the products below.



Bundle 7: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Solity Digital Locks

This bundle also contains two different models of digital lock from Solity. Main Door, Mild steel gate in the price range of SGD $2,799- $3,599.


Bundle 8: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Philips Digital Locks

SGD $ 2899 -$3,599 is the price range of this particular bundle which has laminate main door, mild steel gate and Philips digital locks.


Bundle 9: Main Door +Mild Steel Gate + 2 Philips Digital Locks

The last bundle in our list ranges from $3,099 to $3599. Check out the products,


Season of Freebies: Free Gifts with Every Purchase!

Who does not want a free gift with purchases? Customers always love freebies. But HDDoor never compromises even on freebies. Check out the free gifts that come with bundles.  You will receive a free gift based on which bundle you choose.

Free gifts also come as a combo:

Door Closer + TKN Unit number

  • Door Closer + WIFI Module + Synchronization.
  • Door Closer + Digital letter box Lock

 Door Closer

  • Door closers are a must-have for living spaces with children and elders. Door closers will slow down the sudden or forceful closing of the door. A door closer is a must for commercial spaces too.

 Sync Your Door and Gate lock

  • Wi-Fi synchronization will let you open your main door and gate at the same time. Who doesn’t love to unlock their main door and gate with just one tap?

 Digital Letter Box Lock

  • Digital letter box offers security to your mailbox. You can be carefree about unauthorized access.

Did you notice that our free gifts are not just random stuff? All these gifts are door accessories that you might plan to buy later. With this year-end sale, you are going to own it for free. Happy?

Monthly Lucky Draw- A Gentle Reminder

Do You know about our lucky draw? We conduct monthly lucky draw and winners will get exciting prizes. Just make a purchase worth $1500 and get a chance to win big gifts. The result of the lucky draw will be announced at the month-end.

Your luck awaits! Enter the lucky draw and win big!

Stay tuned with HDDoor’s social media platforms, we will update you on everything about the lucky draw and our exclusive deals. 

Happy Shopping- Year End Sale 2023

The Great year-end sale is full of deals, discounts, and bundle offers.

So, Singapore people don’t wait until the Chinese New Year and get trapped in the rush time.

Now is the right time to make purchases from HDDoor.

Make use of this end-of-the-year sale singapore and save big on every purchase.

Happy New Year folks!