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Double Equal Main Door

Double doors with two leaves of equal width are a classic and symmetrical door design. They are often used as main building entryways to provide ample space for foot traffic and easier accessibility.

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We manufacture double equal leaf doors at factory cost and with quality assurance. Our double equal leaf doors have two panels of the same width that swing open inwards or outwards. They are ideal for high-traffic rooms as both doors can be opened simultaneously to allow wider passage. The doors have a strong frame with premium fittings and hardware.

Double Equal Laminate Main Door

The door panels are made of high-quality wood that is treated for moisture resistance. We customize the doors based on your panel style, color, and finish specifications. The metal frames components like hinges, locks, and door closure springs are manufactured in-house to ensure reliability.

As a Door manufacturer, we are able to offer double equal leaf doors at economical factory cost prices while still maintaining the highest standards for materials and workmanship. Our doors undergo rigorous quality checks before being shipped to customers to ensure longevity and trouble-free operation for years. You can check out many types of douible squal doors, we are 100% you can find the best to match your interior.

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Benefits of Double Equal Leaf Door 

Wide Opening – Since both door panels move, double equal-leaf doors provide a much wider passage compared to typical single leaf doors.

 Space Saving – When closed, double-leaf doors take up no more space than a single leaf door. However, when opened, they provide a much wider opening within the same frame size.

Aesthetics – The symmetrical design of double equal leaf doors tends to look more stylish and elegant

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