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Digital Safe Singapore 2022

Digital Safe Singapore 2022

Advantages of Digital Safe

Digital safe or Electronic Safe are safe which operate using a digital or electronic lock. Users only need to key in a set of pass code to open the safe without the risk of losing keys. This also remove the concern of sharing safe keys with others thus reducing the hassle as one may just share the pass code. Therefore, a digital safe or electronic safe is very common for guest houses and hotels. Digital Safe are much more easier to use compare to a mechanical safe which require users to turn the dial in order to open the safe. You will have much easier time to open your safe quickly in the events of emergency.


There is also a feature which will trigger if a wrong combination is entered. The digital safe will lock out for a duration (which the users can set) before a pass code can be key in again. This will deter burglar from trying again as they normally do not have ample of time to do so. With UL-rated lock, the safe lock will not be vulnerable to hot wiring.


Electronic lock features


  • Time Delay

User can set a lock out time after unsuccessful entry from a range of 1 to 99 minutes before they can try to enter the password again. This feature is to stop people from having multiple chance of trying to open the safe in a short period of time.


  • Specific time of opening

This feature only allows the safe to be open on certain times of day. Access will not be granted even a correct pass code are entered unless within the time frame of opening set by the owner.  .


  • Double code access

This feature is more suitable for business. Two passwords are required from two individuals to open the safe. This will make sure that there will be at least 1 person there to monitor the process of retrieving or putting the items into the safe.


  • History Log

This feature can allow a digital safe to keep a log record of the activities for the safe. Time of opening, failed entries, etc


Common Brand in Singapore


  • SentrySafe

Founded in 1930, SentrySafe is a USA based brand that makes different varieties of safe boxes for commercial and non-commercial use. Most of their safes are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rated. They produce fire resistant and waterproof safes as well at highly affordable rates.


  • Nika Safe

Nika Safe is a Singapore safe box brand, that comes with 24/7 technical support. Nika safe boxes are suitable for home and office daily uses. Nika safe is very affordable, considering the full features, the user-friendly functions, the reliability, and the responsive after-sale support. There are two categories of Nika safes: Nika Fire Resistant safes, and Nika Biometric Safes. You can choose to use password or fingerprint to open the safe. The safes come with mechanical override keys to ensure the peace of mind.


  • Yale Safe

Yale is a renowned Singapore safe brand that offers a diverse range of safe box including Yale Certified Safes, Yale Standard Safes, Yale Fireproof Safes, and Yale Biometric Safes. The former two safes are the digital safe boxes having mechanical override keys, and the latter two are the digital safes that are opened by entering the password or by detecting the fingerprint.


  • LuCell Safe

Founded in 1973, LuCell is the Korean safe box brand for the trendy people. They make designer safe boxes that not only look beautiful but also provide optimum protection to the content inside. They have introduced innovative “interior design safes” with modern look and updated technology.


  • Diplomat Safe

Founded in 1982, Diplomat safe boxes are made in Korea. They are renowned all around the globe because of their high quality and reliability. Diplomat safes are the top choice of the home and office users. Their safe boxes are divided into following categories: Electronic Safe, Fingerprint Safe, Combination Safe, Touch Screen Safe and Fire Filing Cabinet. Because of the premium quality they provide, their combination dial safes come with 5-year warra


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