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Best Selling Digital Door Lock | Samsung SHP-DR708 Review

Are you willing to purchase this digital door lock? Are you aware of its amazing features and advantages? Well, this article will provide you a glimpse of various awesome features offered by Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock. Also, do not miss to check out this product from our HD door showroom and avail of its extraordinary benefits. Due to rapid advancements in technology digital door locks have come up with many more outstanding features that grants you incredible safety, security and convenience. Consider fixing Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock at your entrance to enjoy great comfort delivered by it.

Design features of Samsung SHP-DR708 Digital door lock:

● Design and appearance – Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock is push-pull lock with a modern and sleek luxurious design aesthetically pleasing to your eye. Its most advanced door opening technology with premium features allowing you a user-friendly experience. Fixing this lock to your door offers a royal and classic look at your entrance.

● Delivers you with an amazing user-friendly experience – Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock is quite user-friendly offering you with a great experience of security, comfort, and convenience. By one swift and easy action, you can easily open and close the lock.

● Push/pull action to open or close the door – You can quickly and easily push or pull the door with low noise using push-pull handles of this lock.

● LED screen display – The lock displays the LED screen to highlight all the essential elements like authentication details, the situation of the lock, warning for a low battery, etc.

● Smart sensors are here to welcome you – Once you arrive near the door the smart sensors present in the lock will be activated automatically and trigger an alarm.

● Voice guide – Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock enables the voice guide to give you the best guidance and instructions in the form of spoken feedback for the setup and ongoing use.

● Smartphone is your doorbell – The Smart Bell feature of this lock works similar to the doorbell, like if someone is touching the doorbell icon on the touchpad of the lock you will get an alert. It then sends you an alert on your phone of someone arriving at your home, regardless of where you are.

What are the access options of the Samsung SHP-DR708 Digital door lock?

● PIN access – Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock allows you to enter the PIN from4-12 digits. You can easily access your door by entering the PIN without any stress of finding your key.

● Your finger is your key – With a feature of fingerprint recognition, you can easily open the door with a fast and accurate fingerprint sensor. Accurate and quick access is experienced with the optical fingerprint authentication. You don’t have to memorize a password and the fingerprint scanner is not affected by temperature or humidity.

● Access via Bluetooth – Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door locks are enabled with a Bluetooth feature wherein you can unlock the door via Bluetooth. Once you send a signal or code from your iPhone or smartphone, the lock receives the signal and unlocks your door. You can share this code with your near and dear friends and family. This feature ensures great security, reliability, and comfort.

● Unlock your door with an RFID card / RFID tag RFID card / RFID tag allows you to access the door by holding it near the lock. They function by transmitting the signal to the card reader present inside the lock. Once the signal is recognized the door is unlocked.

● Unlock your door via a smartphone app – Using this feature you can just unlock your door by shaking your smartphone near to it in a specified way or using the key on the smartphone. This feature is quite convenient as you can easily unlock your door without any stress.

● Remote access viaΒ Wi-Fi – The lock here is also enabled with Wi-Fi wherein you can unlock your door from any place using an active Wi-Fi connection on your phone. With this Wi-Fi (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri) feature it allows you to send digital keys to people so that you can set exact parameters for time-based access. This makes it convenient for family, friends, workers, guests, or housekeepers only at a particular time.

● NFC Unlock with Android – Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door locks are also enabled with the NFC feature wherein your phone acts as an NFC reader and a card. With an android device, you can use an app to emulate an NFC card and place your phone’s NFC reader near to the lock and your door is opened.

Other amazing features of Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door locks:

● Safeguard your PIN with the random security code – Enter the randomly chosen digits and protect your security code instead of revealing it to anyone. This feature enables you to choose randomly chosen digits before entering a passcode so that it becomes impossible to guess the numbers you have entered by looking for smudges.

● Smartphone app checks the status of your door – With the smartphone app, you can avail of its incredible services anytime and anywhere to know the status of the door. Whether it is about issuing one-time keys for the visitors door lock condition, or opening doors with the door lock.

● Suspicious movement alert – The door lock creates a warning siren to ward off any unwanted guests or strangers arriving at your door. The equipped IR sensor detects any suspicious movements for a long time.

● Real-time checking the status of the lock – You can view the status of the door opening, notifying overheating detection, notifying forced door opening, checking battery condition, etc.

● You can view the access history of the lock – The app notifies you who accesses your home, and you can view the access history of who entered inside and who locked the door from outside.

● Allows enhanced user data security – With the help of enhanced user data security of three different advanced user data protection technologies like White-Box Cryptography, Secure Encapsulation for Application Layer, and App Hardening, important information such as access codes and app data is protected by state-of-the-art security technology. All of a sudden, if you lose your smartphone, you can delete your access codes easily.

● Intrusion alarm system – If the location is more prone to robbery and crime, the thief will recognize the lock immediately and escape from your place. This lock will make thieves move away from that place. Even if they are not aware of this lock, the alarm sound will scare them off.

● One-touch anti-theft set-up – When you are on a ride or vacation, the user can set up the anti-theft function, which creates a warning sound when the door lock operates, preventing any tampering.

● Emergency power supply – If you don’t remember to replace batteries then you can unlock the door by connecting a Micro USB 5-Pin cable from a smartphone portable charger to the Micro USB power input at the bottom of the outer body, and then authenticate the fingerprint or enter the password.

● Silence mode gives you the utmost peace – If you want to stay free of disturbance then you can adjust the volume or mute the key tone or the door opening melody to create silence and enjoy peace.

● Low battery alarm – The Samsung SHP-DR708 digital door lock reminds you if the batteries are running low through a specific melody or keypad LED. This allows you to replace the batteries.

Conclusion: Apart from these, there are many more awesome features available for SamsungSHP-DR708 digital door lock. Our customers are highly satisfied purchasing this lock. Do make a point to visit our showroom to check out this product and avail of the outstanding benefits.

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