Have you just bought a new home and are planning to create a smart home upgrading your security? You are at the right place. HDDoor is the one-stop solution for all your home security and home decor needs. Explore more by visiting our showroom. The same is discussed in detail below regarding entrance gates, laminate doors, digital door locks, digital gate locks, slide and swing doors, digital door viewer, Rasch wallpaper, mattress, etc.

1. Entrance gates that create the first impression

Nowadays, the most preferred entrance gate is mild steel gates and laser cut gates. The reason being mild steel is highly versatile with excellent quality performing greatly and cost-effective. Since we sell mild steel gates we notice an increasing demand for mild steel gates in Singapore. The mild steel gate we deliver is of high-grade quality at an affordable price with impressive designs. If you see our laser-cut gates, you will be amazed to see so many awesome designs and patterns that are beautifully carved with precision and accuracy using laser-cut technology. You can even customize the gates to the desired size. Also, these gates are meant to greatly secure your property and enhance the look of your entrance.

2. Enter inside with the help of our beautiful laminate doors

Laminate doors are frequently used in our homes or units and are preferred by many homeowners whether it’s the main door, bedroom door, etc. They offer a classic and royal look to your home that excellently matches your interior decor with its well-maintained and organized structure, unique designs, and fascinating colors. Laminate doors that we possess are of outstanding quality, elite-looking, cost-effective, environment friendly, trendy, and allow you to choose the color of your choice that will add value to your home.

3. Digital locks for smart security

Digital locks are one of the best entry points into home automation making our life simple, easy, and secure. They add function and style to our home with features like voice assistants, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth and are available in different models making them more convenient to use. Digital locks are specially designed to work with amazing features and lavish designs that look quite attractive with more efficiency. We have many models of different stylish digital door locks and digital gate locks from top-notch brands. This ensures great security at your fingertips.

4. Digital door viewer to track strangers

The Digital Door Viewer is a digital peephole that consists of a built-in camera that allows you to take time-stamped pictures or you can record anyone approaching your door.  It features an LCD screen with a 5.6-inch viewing area that activates at the push of a button. The camera attached is armed with infrared capabilities so it can function smoothly in reduced lighting conditions to get a clear picture. When visitors press the doorbell on the door viewer camera, it will ring and the camera will record the image of the person and display it on the screen to you on the door from inside for about 20 seconds before turning itself off. In addition to this, when the doorbell is pressed the camera will similarly record the image of the person and quickly display it on your smartphone conveniently.

5. Slide and swing toilet doors offer great benefits

Slide and swing doors in Singapore are an excellent option for those who wish to have modern design washrooms and their demand is highly increasing day by day. If you are looking to install the same, this is the right time to make your toilets unique and stylish. These doors consume less space, and you can swing and slide at any point. The magnet system of these doors offers easy locking. These doors ensure less maintenance with high durability. The frames are available in black, grey, and white colors to mix and match the design of your toilet.

6. Wallpaper to decorate your walls colorfully

Rasch wallpaper is leading in terms of sophisticated design, interesting themes, and the constant pursuit of the latest technologies and innovations in the art of wallpaper. To convey and simplify its trends, the Rasch brand has wrapped it in graspable concepts. This makes the fans of classicism, nature lovers, modern hipsters, mainstream culture lovers feel amazed and can find the right wallpaper more easily. Particularly Scandinavian interior style can be paired with tropical palms to create a phenomenal effect. The gentle color modulation promotes homeliness in your home. For example, the combination of pale pink and green with a warm cream color for the background offers your walls a lovely fresh and modern look.

7. Comfy Mattress for good sleep

The dreamstar mattress that we possess offers you great benefits and acts as an excellent support system for your neck and back. It includes an individual pocket spring with dust and mite resistance and you can turn free. This makes you comfortable to have a peaceful sleep at night.

8. One desk to perform your work smartly

One desk is the motorized height adjustable desk and helps in performing various tasks easily while standing & sitting postures. It features a convenient control panel, an LCD Display, and 3 memory presets so that you can adjust the table to the height you are most comfortable with, achieving a level of the workplace, health, comfort, and productivity that makes you feel great and satisfied. The One desk is highly used by most of the employees who prefer work from home, small scale businesses as well as departments.


So, the above-mentioned items are a must if you are looking to create a smart home that ensures high security and comfort. To know more details about those mentioned products, do visit us. Also, you will get to access other items that we possess.

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