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7 Smart Devices You Should Choose To Create A Smart Home

Our appetite for secure Internet-connected devices is growing strong to create a smart home and add convenience to our lifestyle. Convenience, safety, and efficiency act as benchmarks used by many to determine which smart devices they should use to turn their home into a smart home. Thanks to technology, with its rapid progress and invention of home automation devices, as in Singapore, it’s now gradually becoming a necessity for enhancing one’s home security and improving energy efficiency.

If you are getting busy steadily, it’s a must for you to create a smart home with the smart devices listed below that saves your time and energy and further you can opt for more important activities. But, selecting the right device for your home from the crowd of so many devices in the market is a bit challenging. So, in order to avoid that, we have listed a few smart devices to make it easy to choose the best ones. Take a look and if you are interested in the same, do visit us for more details.

1. Digital Door Lock

Digital door lock is one such device that is highly in trend and every homeowner in Singapore desires to install a digital door lock at their entrance. The features to note while buying digital door locks are fingerprint, Wi-Fi access, RFID cards, and password to unlock your door without any effort. Most of the latest digital door locks available in the market come in versatile shapes, sizes and functions with advanced features and technologies. The top brands you need to choose are Samsung, Philips, Hafele, Kaadas, Kaiser+, Schlage, Solity, etc.

2. Digital Gate Lock

After digital door locks, digital gate locks are a must for your entrance to create a smart home. Digital gate locks include easy-access features like a password, fingerprint, Bluetooth via your smartphone, or an RFID card. With an extensive variety of digital gate locks available in the market, you can go for top-notch brands like Samsung, Philips, Kaadas, Kaiser+, Hafele, Loghome, Solity, etc.

3. Digital Glass Lock

Digital glass locks are attached only to glass doors that secure your property to the fullest. They are highly installed in offices or units to grant maximum security. It gives many benefits with simplified control allowing access to only authorized persons. Also, it offers amazing features making you more safe and comfortable. For example, if the temperature exceeds a certain limit, it creates an alarm and the door unlocks allowing others to rescue. It offers the same features as digital door locks and digital gate locks. The top-most brands to choose from are Samsung, Kaiser+, and Loghome.

4. Digital Door Viewer

Again this smart device called a digital door viewer greatly aids in creating a smart home. It is a digital peephole that consists of a built-in camera that allows you to take time-stamped pictures or you can record anyone approaching your door. It features an LCD screen with a 5.6-inch viewing area that activates the moment you press the button. The camera attached is armed with infrared capabilities so that it can function smoothly in reduced lighting conditions to get a clear picture during night time. Besides this, the device is user-friendly and more secure than a regular peephole. In addition to this, when you press the doorbell, the camera will record the image of the person and quickly display it on your smartphone conveniently. The best brands to choose from are eques and Owlbell.

5. Digital Safe Box

The next smart device we need to describe is a digital safe box that offers a high level of security from all forms of hazards and threats, like burglary, fire, or flooding. May it be your personal documents such as birth certificates and passports, or business documents like valuable legal documents and agreements, they all are safe and well preserved inside this device. They don’t just prevent intrusion and theft, but they equally protect your documents against fire and further damage as they are fire-resistant. The top brands include Nika, Nikawa, etc.

6. Smart Hanger

If you are looking for an automated laundry system then smart hangers are the best device. It utilizes a 3D smart dryer. This makes the overall drying process 50% more effective and 200% less time-consuming so that you will get the perfectly dried clothes within hours while saving your time and energy. It is also incorporated with a UV light feature that kills 99.9% of microorganisms that are present on your clothes like bacteria and viruses, making your clothes clean and sterile in a short period of time with its great voice control system. So, if you’re looking for the smartest way to dry your clothes you can pick up a Nikawa smart hanger.

7. Smart Accessories

Automated lighting is an integral part of home automation that is still on the market today. Several home automation companies took efforts to invent the perfect light bulb that is truly responsive and does more than simply illuminate a room. The Philips Hue connected bulb is a smart device that allows you to control this light bulb wirelessly. It also allows you to customize its light intensity, and functions in a specific manner. In addition to this, you can even set timers for the individual bulbs that are fixed inside your home.


Hope this insight will guide you to choose the right device for your home. Home automation devices like those mentioned above play a major role in creating a smart home that adds value and comfort to your lifestyle. If you are looking for the same devices, do visit us to know more.

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