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6 Best Products For Your New Smart Home – A Must Guide For Your Home Security

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances, and more people look for ways to automate their homes. With all the Smart home products on the market, knowing which are best for your home security can be challenging.

This article is essential for anyone looking to make their home smarter and safer. We’ve put together a list of the 8 best products that you need for your new smart home.


Digital locks

Smart home technology has revolutionized how we secure our homes like never before whereas Digital locks are the No.1 smart home security you need to consider when living at Singapore. Digital locks are one of the most important products to consider when creating a new smart home. Not only do digital locks make it easier for homeowners to access their homes, but they also provide an extra layer of security.

With digital locks, homeowners can control who enters and exits their property by pushing a button or swiping a key card. Investing in digital locks can protect your property in ways that traditional locking mechanisms could never achieve.

Digital locks come in various styles, shapes, and sizes, so there is something for every taste and budget. Some digital lock systems offer password access which provides an added level of security, while other systems allow two-factor authentication with fingerprint recognition or facial recognition.

Best brands:











Top recommended Digital locks:

1) Kaiser+ H-7891 Push Pull Digital Door Lock

2)Hafele PP9000 Digital Door Lock

3) Solity GM-6000BKF Digital Door Lock

4) Klever K500F Bluetooth Push-Pull Digital Door Lock

5) Clavis CMF-1000K Digital Door Lock

6) Philips EasyKey 702E Digital Door Lock

7) Kaadas The Legend K30 3D Face Recognition Digital Lock

8) Loghome Fingerprint Glass Digital Door Lock – LG600GLC

9) Igloohome Mortise 2+ Digital Door Lock

10) Samsung SHS-1321 Digital Door Lock


Hue lighting system by Philips Hue

A Hue Lighting System is an advanced and innovative way to bring more light into your home. Philips developed the system to make it easier to control illumination levels in any space.

It comprises a series of color-capable LED light bulbs, each connected to a simple yet powerful app that allows you to adjust brightness and color quickly.

Using the Hue Lighting System is as simple as downloading the app, connecting it to your mobile device or computer, and setting up the lights. You can customize your lighting based on activity—from brightening a room for work or playtime to creating a dimly lit atmosphere perfect for relaxing or movie night.

The possibilities are endless! With 16 million colors available and 50 thousand shades of warm-to-cool white light options, you’ll always be able to find just the right hue for any occasion.


-Integrate with Apple’s HomeKit

-Integrate with Google Home or Amazon Alexa

-Voice command feature with enhanced flexibility

-Mimic presence automation

-Ability to Sync lights with Movies, music & games, etc

Top Products:

-White ambiance Single bulb GU10

-Philips Hue White & Color Wireless Ambiance Starter Kit E27 Gen 3 (3 Bulbs + 1 Hue Bridge)


Digital door viewer

Having a secure home is an essential part of feeling safe and comfortable in your own living space. For this reason, investing in the right products for your new smart home is necessary. One of the most needed pieces of equipment you can purchase is a digital door viewer, which allows you to see who’s at the door without having to open it.

A digital door viewer offers more security than traditional peepholes – they are easier to use and give you a much clearer picture of who’s outside. Some even have built-in motion sensors, so you will be alerted automatically when someone approaches your front or back door.

Additionally, many come with night vision capabilities that allow you to see clearly, even in low-light conditions. Plus, many digital door viewers feature recording capabilities to capture any suspicious activity on camera for later review.

Recommended Brand:

Owl Bell & Eques Digital door viewer

When it comes to adding extra security to your new Smart Home, the OwlBell & Eques Digital Door Viewer is a must-have product for your new Smart Home. This device allows homeowners to monitor their entryways from anywhere with an internet connection via a mobile phone or computer. The OwlBell & Eques Digital Door Viewer provides unparalleled security with its motion detection and night vision capabilities and two-way audio support so that users can communicate directly without having to open the door.

Features :

-Place of Origin: Design in Singapore, Assembled in China -Warranty for 1 YEAR -24-hour continuous monitoring -Anti-theft Mode included -Supports Motion detecting

Products to consider:

1)OwlBell S62 WiFi Digital Door Viewer

2)OwlBell W3 Digital Door Viewer

3) Eques A30 Door Viewer

4) Eques VEIU R26 Smart Video Doorbell

Digital safe box

As the concept of smart homes continues to grow, so does the need for certain home security products. A digital safe box is an excellent option for anyone looking to add an extra layer of protection to their home. Not only will it protect your valuables from theft, but it can also help keep important documents safe and secure from prying eyes.

A digital safe box is designed with advanced security features such as fingerprint scanners & facial recognition technology that can also be synced with your smartphone or computer. This makes them more accessible for anyone to access your stuff with the correct password or code, ensuring that your belongings and documents are kept securely locked away. In addition, they come in a variety of sizes, like square sizes, rectangle-sized safe boxes, and small safe boxes. So you can get one that fits perfectly in any space of the room.

Best Brand: Nikawa

Nikawa safe boxes are made of solid steel and have tamper-resistant spring-loaded doors. It comes with three indicator lights (green, red, and yellow) to indicate open, low battery, and warning, and can be opened with a 3–8-digit code, fingerprint, RFID card, or mechanical key. They also come with 2 year’s warranty.


1) NIKAWA CFS25 Colour Safe Box

2) NIKAWA Feramo Leather Smart Safe box

3) Nikawa Fingerprint Safe Box 25FSB

4) Nikawa Fingerprint Safe Box 40FSB

Smart electric bars

Smart electric bars are designed to prevent the waste of energy caused by phantom power, which can account for up to 10% of a household’s electricity bill. They do this by turning off peripheral devices when the main device is not being used.

Most companies offer a 6-24 month warranty. It is important to select the correct device as the master and opt for a power bar with a built-in surge suppressor to protect electronics.

Brand: Nexen

Nexen Electric Bars come with a 3-year limited warranty and feature safety protection, no electric shock, waterproof splash design, and anti-leakage protection. They have a slim groove (5.5mm) and can be added with color finishing with Architectural Film.

Nexen Electric Bars come with a 3-year limited warranty and are available in several lengths (60CM, 80CM, 100CM). They come in five colors (Silver, Marble White, Light Oak, Royal White, and Midnight Black) and feature a “PRO Surface Technical Specification.”


1)Slim Series – Nexen Electric Bar

2)Pro series – Nexen Electric bar


Smart hanger

The smart device revolution has taken over our lives, changing the way we live and interact with technology. The same applies to our homes, where smart products such as the smart hanger can bring an added level of convenience and security to your home.

The smart hanger allows you to monitor activity in closets or other enclosed spaces without manually checking them. This device attaches easily to any door frame or bedroom wall and uses infrared sensors to detect any unusual movement or sound within its range. It then sends alerts directly to your smartphone so that you can take immediate action if necessary.

Brand: Nikawa

Are you looking for the latest home automation products to make your home smarter? Nikawa has come out with an impressive line of products that are sure to fit your needs. Their brand new voice control system is not only incredibly convenient but energy efficient as well.

With a weight-bearing equivalent of 35kg and capable of handling up to 80 wet M-size T-shirts, you can be sure it will handle whatever clothes you hang over it. Above that, most importantly, this device has a voice control feature without the need for a smartphone or tablet for operation. On top of that, it uses only 580 watts of energy compared to traditional models—huge savings!

Products :

-Nikawa smart hanger

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