The Gateman WF20 (Singapore Edition) is an updateto the ever-popular Gateman WF10 ( F10 ) which has been the de-facto rim fingerprint digital lock in the industry. Gateman WF20 will continue it’s strong and proven lineage to be the best value rim fingerprint model in the market!

gateman wf20 digital door lock

  1. Register your favourite 4-10 digit password (main password to be used for unlocking and changing some settings, ie volume, auto/manual lock etc)
  2. Register a secondary 4 digit password (secondary password for unlocking lock only)
  3. Register a one time 4 digit password (this password can be used to unlock the lock once only before re-registering, ie for a weekly helper to enter etc)
  4. Register up to 20 Fingerprints
  5. Voice guide in English, Mandarin or Korean of your choice
  6. Option to add on remote control module to unlock the door without physically walking to the door